Luckily, a dog who fell in the water and swam nearly 137 miles was rescued by one of the workers of oil rig


When a person has a job of a oil rig on the sea, it is simple that he will see a dollphin or whale but not an unsheltered dog. The dog was noticed by one of the workers named Vitisak Payalaw.

When he saw the stray dog he tried to do everything to help the dog. It was as if the eyes of the dog said help me please. After some attempts they could move very quickly and rescue the hopeless puppy in need of support.

The saving process was very difficult they used a special rope. The dog was scared and freezing from cold. He was very weak and tired.

The crew gave something to eat and to drink to the puppy and even washed him. They named the cute puppy Boonrod. The name meant due to his fate he could live.

After some time the dog was taken to the vet. He was completely cured there. He was also taken back to the sea in order that Paylaw saw the dog.Paylaw was 10 days on his duty and the dog was taken to animal shelter.

After some time the dog was adopted by Paylaw. The dog was particularly for this man.  Luckily, he is rescued and has a forever home.

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