A heartwarming story about a baby bear who was found in a terrible state. Luckily, he was rescued by a kind hearted man


A man named Corey Hancock was hiking along the path when he noticed a baby bear. The baby bear was on the edge of dying.

He was not moving and did not show any sign of being alive. It was raining heavily.

The bear had blue lips and opened eyes. He looked horrible and very weak.

He took the bear cub to his car very quckily. He run fast so that he was not caught by his mother.

Although it seemed that he did not have a mother.

When the man reached his car the baby bear stopped breathing. The man gave a breath to him after that he started to breath again.

The animal was taken to an animal clinic for a complete recovery.His state got better step by step. He was fed properly as he had problems of malnourishment and serious dyhydration.

Thanks to this kind man the cute bear is rescued. The bear has a second opportunity to live.

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