A dog stuck in a hole was noticed by a courageous girl. What the little girl did is very praising act


A tiny girl found a dog in a hole. The girl was only six years old. She could courageously rescue the dog.

The girl was just walking outdoors near her house when she noticed a hole. As she was very curious she decided to look inside the hole.

The dog felt terrble and had many health problems. He was stuck in the hole surrounded by garbage.

The dog had broken teeth and was visionless. The girl went quickly home called his father and when the father saw the scene of this hopeless dog sitting in the hole.

The man took the dog out of the hole then called a rescue oraganization for unsheltered dogs. The organization gave shelter and rescued unsheltered and left puppies.

The dog was named Bella. The dog was fed properly and took medical treatment.

Soon the dog was adopted by a loving family. He was surrounded with care and love.

Unluckily the dog died and the hoping thing is that the dog spent her last years with a caring family. Rest in peace, strong dog.

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