True friendship between two dogs. A loyal dog guarded for his friend dog for a week who fell into a cistern


Two dogs were lost as the owner’s house front door was not closed. One of the dog’s name is Tillie. The other dog’s name is Phoebe.

The two dogs were missing for a week. They ran way from the house as the owner had guests and the gate was open.

The owner said that even the gate was open many times the dogs did not even want to go outside without their owner. Tillie went out of the house and Phoebe followed him.One of the dog Phoebe fell into a cistern.

The dog Tillie did not leave the dog and watched and guarded him very carefully.

The owner of the dog applied to a rescue team. It was rather difficult to find the two dogs. They did not eat anything. The dog Tillie was eleven years old. He was adopted from childhood.

The other dog was four years old and was adopted two years ago.

Tillie did go anywhere just stood above the cistern were his friend got stuck. He once tried to come to a man for a support of his friend.

After a week they were found. These dogs are true example of love, care and devotion. They are both inseperable.

After being found and reunited with their owner they had a humburger dinner party. The two dogs played with their favourite toys and were fed properly. They also slept very well. Now the dogs have a special GPS collar so that they were not lost anymore.

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