A golden retriever saves the lost three years old boy from severe cold


A three years old son was missing for already seven hours. The boy was named Carson Urness.

He was playing outdoors while his mother was looking after his sister. When his mother came to see her son. She saw that her son was missing from the family farm.

Courtney Urnesss looked for her son everywhere near their property. But this was in vain. Her husband named Brock called the police and told about thia case.

After some time it turned out that the dog  golden retriever was missing, too. The dog was named Cooper.

The police looked for the boy and when there was just a little bit hope one of the valounteers decided to look for them for the last time with a searchlight.

As the light turned off the dog popped his head out. It turned out that the dog covered the boy all night. They were miles away from the farmhouse.

The couple thinks that this action of the dog is response of the action that they did once rescueing the dog once left on one side of the road. The dog protected and rescued the boy. The family will forever be thankful to the dog.

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