A hopeless kitten was suffering in the rain without moving neglected by passerbies


A kitten was left abandoned suffering in the rain and neglected by people. The kitten was wet. He looked awful and had very little fur.

The kitten had also problems connected with breath. People were walking and driving neglected the hopeless kitten in need of help.

A kind woman noticed the kitten and took with her. She named the kitten Max. She took the kitten to a vet for treatment as she was afraid to be late.

The kitten was fed by the woman with the help of syringe. The kitten was given antibiotics to struggle against infections.

The kitten was a real fighter.After three days he recovered and his appetite returned and he started to become playful.

The kitten was cured in a month. Thanks to this young woman she is playful and rather energetic.

Max lives happily and has a forever home where he is loved and taken care of.It is very essential that a little attention and love can change the hopeless creatures’ life.

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