The drowning horse was rescued due to great teamwork


The horse was saved and turned out to be lucky. The mare was trapped in the muddy water. The horse was nearly drowning in the deep water.

The horse was noticed by a passer-by at the park. The dog was trying to get out but useless. The horse was stuck up to her neck.

The horse was very exhausted and weak. They put a harness on the horse before pulling her to the shore.Officers acted quickly pulling the horse out of the water.

The rescue team did this. They were relieved when the horse was brought to the bank of the river. The horse had been in the cold water for hours.

The horse was a real fighter. When the horse was on dry ground she stood up and the rescue team was surprised to see the horse standing after being frozen in the water.

The horse was reunited with her owner.  They live happily now.

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