A little boy made a lego stroller for the tiny paralyzed puppy. The legos he got as a Christmas present


A dog named Gracie had inborn problem. The dog did not have frontal legs.

The owners of the dog left the dog when he was two days old. Luckily, he was taken care of by a kind family.

The family did everything for the puppy but did not buy any strollers for the puppy as they did not have enough money to buy strollers.

The dog was rather small at that time.The son of the family who was 12 years old made a desicion to make a stroller from the legos he got as a present.

He recieved that present for Christmas.The stroller can be stretched and the dog can move easily. The dog got used to the lego stroller.

When the size of the dog got bigger the family bought a real wheelchair for the dog. Thanks to the lego stroller the dog masters the wheelchair rather well.

Fortunately, this dog has a very kind-hearted family who do everything for the comfort of the dog.

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