The owner of the dog painted the fence for her nosy bulldog. The scene is rather funny as the dog looks like a Jester or a King


A dog named Bogart has a habbit of poking his head out of their garden fence. The dog is a breed of English Bulldog. The dog is four years old.

The fence is not a simple one. The owner of the dog painted hilarious pictures outside of the fence so that it will be funny for the passerbies.

One of the holes is a picture of carnival. The other hole is a picture of a king. The dog pokes his head out if the fence and he has these outfits.

The dog Bogart has become famous for his appearance.He lives in Denmark and is rather popular on social media.

The dog is lovely and very cute. He always likes to be in the centre of attention. He is also famous in the Norwegian dog group.

The dog is also very stubborn if he does not want to do anything he does not do. The dog is also a big influencer.

The dog can make everybody’s day by his hialrious look poking his head out of the fence.

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