A hilarious video. Two police horses make a great show joining the outdoor dance class in a very positive and impressive way


This story is about two police horses who participated in the the salsa dance. This happened in Netherlands in the outdoor salsa lesson.

They made the show impressive. These four-legged dancers made the dance hiliarious. The scene was captured and it made everybody’s day funnier and brighter.

The dance instructor would not have even imagined that the two police horses would participate in the dance. The dance instructor’s name is Fiek Vdh. The practice of the dance class took place in the city of Hague.

The outdoor dance class attracted people’s attention but what is interesting it also attracted the two police officers’ attention.

The police horses moved and did the salsa dance skills in a very professional way. At first the dancers started to laugh but after some they enjoyed dancing with them. This was a sweet and entiusastic moment.

Here is the hilarious video:

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