Missing German shepherd was found after seven days in the mountains. The dog could not conceal his happiness after being reunited with his handler


A German shepherd was missing for already seven days. The name of the dog is Thames. The dog is three years old.

The dog got lost in the mountains of New Zealand during training. The dog was a police rescue and trained dog.

The handler of the police dog looked for the dog in the mountains for seven days. The handler’s name is Mike Wakefield.

The handler and its team searched for the dog tirelessly. Soon one of the members noticed the footprints of the dog.

This gave hope that the dog is alive. From the bushes the dog appeared. The German shepherd jamped on his handler.

The dog licked the man and could not conceal his happiness. The dog gave many kisses to the man. The dog wagged his tail tail as a sign of joy.

The dog was in a good shape. The dog became a little bit thinner and looked tired but he came with the staff for four hour hike in the mountains. The handler gave the dog’s favourite salami.

Both of them cuddled and played together. They were too excited to be reunited as their bond was so tight. Luckily, the dog lives his life safe and sound.

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