Kids notice a dog on the one side of the road and take him to a veterinarian for help


Some children found a dog in a terrible state. They saw the dog on the one side of the road. The kids understood that the dog needed help.

The children took actions immediately. The dog was hardly breathing and could hardly move. The children called for help.

The rescue organisation took the dog to a vet. After being examined it turned out that the dog had a broken spine. The dog  had also different infections.

Nobody could understand why the dog was in such state. They just wanted to help the dog to overcome the serious health problems. The dog went through a surgery. After surgery the dog was gifted a wheelchair.

The dog had a difficulty of movent by this wheelchair. But he got used to using the wheelchair. The dog can live his life happily.

The dog can go for long walks with his new owner. The dog lives safe and sound now. Thanks to these children the dog is rescued and has a forever home now.

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