The dog has an emotional reaction when he reunites with his family members that he thought he would never meet them again


A dog was found tied up to a fence of an animal shelter. When the staff members came to work early in the morning they saw the dog  and took him to the animal shelter.

It was not clear who tied him up  to the fence. The dog seemed to be afraid of everything that surrounded him. The dog was scared and did not want to interact with anybody.

The staff members treated him very carefully but the dog did not get along with other dogs in the shelter. The dog was very shy.

After some time the staff tried to find a forever home for the puppy. It was already two months that the dog was in the shelter.

Luckily, the the family which were looking for the dog found their dog. It turned out that they lost their dog. Somebody had stolen the dog. The family was thrilled to find their favourite dog.

The reaction of the dog was heart touching. The dog wagged his tail and jumped very qucikly.

He was happy to be with his family members and to meet them finally. They had not seen each other for six months. Their reunion was emotional.

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