An impressive video. A singer sang opera music to penguins and the footage did not go the way he wanted to go


There are times that things do not go the way we think or want. When people are in the nature, they want to show their ability in the beautiful surroundings.

When this man was in Antarctica, he wanted to express his feelings. He wanted to sing to express his powerful voice.

The explorer began to sing the famous song O Sole Mio wanting and having a great hope to show his abilities of singing. He wanted to impress penguins and the Mother land.

But his plans did not work. He thought that the penguins would gather to enjoy his singing of opera music but the contrast. They just did not like the opera and turned their heads and went away.

The singer felt upset but thought that  we all have different tastes in music. He was just a little bit hurt by the birds’ bad reaction.

Here is the video:

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