The sweet footage shows disabled duck using her special wheelchair


The cute duck could not move as a fox had attacted her. The duck was taken to a pet sanctuary and there was very little hope that the duck would walk again.

The staff members even thought that the quality of the life of the duck would get lower. There will be nothing interesting for her.

They put the cute duck in the water to see how she would react. The sweet duck started to move her legs used her instinct. Her wheelchair is unique with big wheels.

The wheelchair is like a monster truck. The wheelchair is comfortable both for the house and for the street.

They used a wheelchair for the duck to move as she had a nerve damage and her state would get better. The duck is named Kiwi. She behaves so cute and feels as a star.

She expresses her joy and feels proud of herself. The scene is so sweet and heartwarming. The duck is a very bright personality and will soon gain more and more strength.

Here is the video:

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