A touching scene. Video. An adorable loyal goose waits next to the vet clinic’s door for her mate which has a surgery


A goose was seen waiting in the front of the vet clinic. She was so devoted to her mate.

Before this, the cute male goose was taken to a vet as he had an injured leg and could hardly move. The volunteers took the goose named Arnold to the vet clinic.

The goose was examined here. Maybe it was injured because of turtles or other predators. The goose was operated as this injury was serious for life.

The goose waiting near the door did not want to leave her mate alone in the difficult time. All the vets and the goose were concerned about the male goose.

The operation passed succesfully. Luckily, the goose felt good and her girlfriend was let in to see Arnold. The male goose is in the hospital.

He will soon recover fully. Every time the girlfriend appears near the door, they let her in to see her boyfriend. They are inseprable and devoted friends for life.

Here is the video:

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