A real hero. A man rescued the life of a drowning kangaroo cub giving him articficial respiration


An Australian saves the life a kangaroo who was stcuk in the river. The cute cub jumped into the river as he was afraid of two dogs who were chasing him as a pray.

The kangaroo cub was very afraid and ran and jumped into the stream of water. A man who saw the scene rushed to the river and pull the cute creature out of the water.

The man was just drinking beer when he saw the kangaroo in the water. The kangaroo cub could hardly breath that is why he gave CPR to the kangaroo.

The kangaroo came to life and the man felt relief. He could not neglect the poor state of the kangaroo cub. The man wrapped the cub with a towel.

Then the kangaroo was taken to an animal shelter by volunteers. The man becomes informed about the state of the kangaroo cub.

The state of the kangaroo became better. He was named Lucky. Now the kangaroo weighs 1.6 kg. Now the kangaroo cub is in the shock that is why he is not released in the wild to live free.

He will be looked after and taken care of until he is ready to be released to the wild. The man has rescued many lives of animals. Thanks to the man whose name is Micky the kangaroo cub is rescued.

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