A dog-friendly bar. A bar dedicates a wall to the dogs who have visited the bar


A bar welcomes not only people but also their dogs. The bar is named The Mad Ox. The bar is situated in the United Kingdom.

Every dog that comes to this bar is photographed and his or his picture is put on the wall especially designed for the dogs.

The owner of the bar and her family just love dogs and give dogs a great importance. They created the special corner for dogs as they wanted to set them apart from another bars.

Dogs feel special here. They eat yummy treats and have good toys to play with. The dogs are allowed both upstairs, the garden, downstairs and the bar.

The bar gives special boxes with favourite treats of dogs. They are called “Pappuccinos”.Even the cafe is open a few days but it has many visitors.

There is a wall but as many the customers become the wall will extand involving more dog. All the photos are very cute. This is really dog-friendly bar.

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