A touching scene. The orphaned gorilla famous for the selfie dies in the arms of the human rescuer


Animals have a strong bond with people who take car of them. They enoyed their lives up to the end of their lives.

This touching story is a true proof that animals spend even the last moments of their lives with their owners.

A photo went viral caretakers with two gorillas. One of the gorilla is named Ndakasi and the other Ndeze.

The selfie became very famous in the social media. The gorillas posed so well that people could not believe that this photo is real.

Andre Bauman looked after the baby gorilla and gave him comfort and warmth. Even in his last moments of life the gorilla was in his owner’s arms. The gorilla was not alone.

These two gorillas were left orphaned. One of the gorillas died in the arms of the caretaker. The gorilla had a prolong illness.

The caretaker told that the gorilla was just a friend for him. The gorilla gave love and happiness to him. He fullfilled his days. He was happy to have the gorilla and take care of him.

The caretaker will always miss his gorilla. Let him rest in peace. He will always remeber his true friend.

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