A cute footage shows a naughty parrot perfectly mimicing a sobbing baby from inside a crate


This footage shows how a cute parrot mimics a sobing baby inside a crate. He mimics the sound so perfect. The green coloured parrot’s name is Nico.

His owner’s name is Mark Rosenthal. The owner of the parrot says that many people even think that the parrot is a baby “every day”.

The parrot is naughty. He tries to attract attention in this way of crying like a baby. The footage was taken in Michigan.

The owner of the dog has to convince people that this noise of crying comes from a parrot not from a baby.

It is not a real baby crying. The parrot stop crying as his owner approaches to pet him. The parrot wants to be in the centre of attention all the time.

The owner of the parrot strokes the parrot’s head and calls him as “such a baby”.

The owner of the parrot gives lessons about life science and owns a rescue centre for exotic wildlife.

Here is the video:

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