The dog was afraid of being abandoned that he did not let go of the hand of the man who adopted him from the animal shelter


A man whose name is Sam adopted a dog from an animal shelter in New Zealand one and a half years ago.

From the time on the dog was taken by the man. The dog refused to leave his hand. The cute dog is a real stickler.

The dog held the man’s hand and did not leave the man’s side. The dog was with the owner for 24 hours.

The dog felt comfortable in this way. The dog was very affectionate to the man and always wanted attention.

The poor dog was afraid to be left alone. He look frightened at first. The puppy was stressful but after some time the dog got used to new life.

The dog started to drink and to eat. The dog also began to become attached to the man. The dog climbed on the man and likes to lie attached to his owner.

Even now the dog is older, but he still continues to behave so. He adapted to new life. Thanks to this man the dog lives happily and safe and sound.

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