A sweet footage.The cute bird is described as a talented cockatoo that can dance better than humans.Snowball cockatoo amazes researchers by 14 different dance moves to classic hits


A cockatoo is a very talented one. The bird can move and dance 14 dances. The movements of the bird will make you surprised.

Scientists in the U.S. descirbe him as a smart bird with the ability of dancing. The bird shows he can move better than humans.

The cute bird is named Snowball. The bird can move so fluently and active. The bird has become a Youtube sensation.

This is an inborn talent. The bird dances under 80s classics. There are certain conditions in his brain that the bird can move so sponeous.

The bird has given many ideas about the dancing of animals. The bird can move his body side to side, up and down, downwards when he shakes his head and etc.

The parrot listens the tune and moves very flexible. This cockatoo is both talented and very smart. The sweet cockatoo is not trained.

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