Find 6 distinctions in the image of a beautiful mermaid in 6 seconds

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The visual discrimination exercises that are carried out when you have to look for differences between two drawings are challenges that serve as preparation to be able to discriminate letters well when we start to read and write.

Find the 6 differences of the challenge in 18 seconds and show HOW BRIGHT YOU ARE
Will you be able to overcome this visual challenge in just a few seconds? Only an agile and prepared mind will be able to overcome the challenge. Dare to try.

I work on it in the assembly collectively, explaining what to do with one of the cards, making us all discover the different objects. Then I put them, conveniently laminated, in the mathematics or language corner.

Although they are posters with quite obvious differences, you always have to help the little ones a little individually at first, then they look for them themselves.

You have to see the smile on their faces when they find them, they are like treasures.

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