A family dedicates everything to looking after 3,000 homeless dogs


A family spends all their time rescuing stray dogs. They created a place where over 3,000 dogs live.

Every dog will dream to live here. There are countless dogs with different sizes and shapes here.

The animal shelter is in Taiwan. These dog wait to have a forever home. At first this was a sanctuary called Mrs. HSU’s sanctuary.

A good man gave facilities to change the sanctuary into a shelter. This shelter is the largest in Taiwan. Unluckily, there are many homeless dogs and this shelter helps the stray dogs with disability.

They provide wheelchairs for the dog. Many of the dog were rescued from motorbike or car accidents. As many of the dog are paralyzed or have missing legs, the shelter has many full-time employees and volunteers.

There are also grooming rooms and special rooms for cats. Luckily, people donate money as they believe their mission. These dogs in the shelter also spend their time in the park.

All the staff enjoys the smiles of the rescued dogs as that gives them hope for the better.

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