A gentle dog which was caged for six years gets a chesseburger for the first time


Stacey Pettit from rescue and remember rescued a dog which lived in the crate for six years.

There was also another dog in the other seperate box. The two dogs did not have a chance to interact with each other.

One of the dog was named Angelica. The other tiny dog was named Spud. The dogs smelled horrible.

The dogs were so kind and gave kisses. Both dog were grateful to be rescued. The little dog named Spud was rescued as it was in a good state.

The woman took the dog for a car ride. The dog was a little bit stressful. Even the legs of the dog were weak and he had to become stronger. The woman even gave a hamburger to the innocent dog.

The dog was taken to the park and he made friends there. Soon the dog was noticed by a lovely family and he was adopted. Now he lives safe and sound surrounded with love and care.

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