A real hero. A brave and kind boy jumped into the traffic to rescue a scared cat after it was thrown from a moving car


A man whose name is Erin Brown was driving his car and taking his son to a birtday party. Suddenly a strange thing happened that made them shocked.

The son whose name is Gavin made his father stop the car. The boy had noticed how a man was trying to throw a cat from the car window.

The brave boy jumped to catch the innocent animal. The boy rushed to the direction of the bridge and took the fluffy cat. The boy dived into the overpass to reach and save the cat.

The father of the boy was shocked. He worried both  about his son as well as the innocent cat. The cat was scared and traumatized.

Gavin gave safety and warmth to the frightened cat. He hugged and petted the pure fluffy creature. The cat became confident that the boy won’t hurt him. The cat began to trust the boy.

The cat was taken to BluePearl Animal Hospital to be treated properly. The boy held the cat tightly and it was clear they were inseperable.

A man heard about this story and told that he would pay all the expenses for the treatment of the cat.

The boy was excited to take back his new fluffy friend. The cat was named Lucky as he got a second chance to live.

The cat is mellow and very lively. The bond between the cat and the boy can not be described as it is very strong.

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