A touching footage. Vet can not hold back his tears after seeing his senior military K9 now


A man whose name is Adam Wylier is an officer in the air force. The dog has been serving with his loyal K9 dog.

The dog is of a breed of Belgian Malinois. The dog is named Emra. The officer was seperated from this service dog for three years.

While serving together the dog had helped the man both emotional and in difficult situations. The officer had to go on mission after 25 days of his daughter’s birth.

The officer and the dog had worked together from 2012 to 2014.The dog is nine years old now. He is retired and his mission is over in the Army forces. The man could not conceal his excitement and tears seeing the dog after three years of seperation.

Luckily, the officer can adopt his true four-legged friend. The footage shows how excited both of them were seeing each other and being reunited.

The officer is happy to give a dog a joyful life outside the army. He will do everything to make his life happier and safe as the dog was always .

Here is the video:

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