A dog found an injured parrot and they became inseperable friends


There are true and devoted friendships between dogs and parrots. The feelings of dogs are pure and their intentions are kind as they have a big heart.

They spread affection and care. The family of Smiths are fond of pets and they try to experiment different animals.

In this case they brought a parrot home. The
family was surprised how quickly the dog and the parrot made best friends.

The first move was made by the dog. The dog tried to atrract the attention of the parrot. The parrot enjoyed the company of the dog.

They were seen always together. The dog wanted the parrot feel at home. Teh parrot was a little bit confused but everything went well after some time.

The dog and the parrot were playing together, eating together as well as doing everything together. They were enjoying each other’s presence with much delight.

The dog and the parrot had a seperate room where they were spending all time together. The family members admired their funny moments.

Here is the video:

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