An abandoned rabbit was found in a cardboard box while clinging to his favourite teddy bear toy


A rabbit named Nigel finds comfort in his cute tiny teddy bear. The sweet rabbit was left abandoned in the cardboard box in a severe cold weather.

The cute creature did not feel alone as his teddy bear toy was by his side. A kind rescuer found the box moving on one side of the road.

As he opened he saw a rabbit clinging and tightly holfing his favourite teddy bear. The man called for the help the RSPCA.

The rabbit is in a boarding facility and is waiting for a forever home.

The rabbit keeps his teddy bear by his side maybe because of the fact that this is something that reminds him of the old home.

The teddy bear is a real best friend and helps him overcome the difficulties feeling security and comfort.

Soon both of them will be adopted and will have a forever home. Luckily, the rabbit is healthy as it was examined by a vet.

Despite being alone, he is still happy to have the teddy bear toy by his side.

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