Husky Told To Go To His Kennel, And Then He Talks Back In Plain ‘English’


One of the worst things is when your children talk back to you, it is bad enough, but what makes these things even worse is when your dog learns how to talk back to you.

The footage below shows a brave dog who can really push back to his owner when he told him to go to his canine.

You can see in the video below that the guardian of the handsome Siberian Husky, Brian, told him to go in his house, but Brian wasn’t in the mood to go, so he talks back to his owner by sounding NO. It is a clear NO.

Some people will say that it is a fake video, but actually it is not as Siberian Huskies is one of the most talkative breeds in the world, so they can develop their voices to speak and to learn some vocabularies.

Being a talking dog will let Brian to stay wherever he wants (that comfy couch) which is a real advantage.

Watch the footage below to get more information and impression.

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