Cat Accidentally Presses Button on Laptop and Wins Grant for Her Human


Mochi is a very curious cat that also has an obsession with screens, a bit like most of the kids of this generation.

But this obsession actually ended up causing a very happy accident for her human, Jessica Schleider.

Mochi has loved putting herself in between Jessica and her work from the very beginning.”She was enthralled with my laptop from the start,” explains Jessica.

Now that Jessica is an assistant professor of psychology at Stony Brook University, she needs to apply for funding to ensure she can carry out the research needed for her dissertations.

The funding was worth $100,000 and she wanted to make sure everything was perfect and had been putting off submitting it until she was sure it was ready.


She was obviously a little nervous about applying for the grant and wanted to clear her head before reviewing it one last time and sending it over.

So Jessica went for a walk with her dog leaving her kitty alone in the house. When she got back and looked at her computer screen she realized something had happened.

She saw that Mochi had been on the laptop again. “I think she visited multiple websites over the course of this particular nap.”

As she looked closer she saw that somehow Mochi had pressed submit!

“I discovered that she’d pressed ‘submit’ on [the] grant application and I had a minor panic attack.”

The application had gone and there was nothing she could do to retract it.
The results came back a week later and thank goodness – Mochi’s obsession had paid off.She had actually done the right thing and Jessica got her grant.

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