The last request of the mother before she died made her son think and stunned him. Unfortunately, the same thing awaits a lot of people…

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Our parents deserve the best treatment. Let someone tell you what he did.She gave birth, Fed, raised. “It is their duty,: I did not ask for it at all. I was not given a choice ” – think about that kind of people.

We cannot simply forget the one who, suffering, brought us into the world, gave up his needs, taught us to walk and talk.

Taking parents to a nursing home is a separate story. Yes, caring for them at a certain age is difficult; their character often deteriorates, and old age problems arise.

And they need your help, your support, and your beautiful words more than ever during that time. The story is about a simple family with mother father and son.

When the father died, the son took his mother to the nursing home. Later he confessed that his love and patience were not enough. He visited his mother rarely.

One day he received a call from that nursing home and informed that his mother was dying. The son rushed there.

When she bent over her mother’s bed and asked what to do for her, the mother, weakened by illness, asked:

– You can put an air conditioner. And buy a refrigerator so that food is not lost. I have gone to bed so often hungry in recent years.

The man’s eyes were full of tears and he asked confused:

– Mom, why didn’t you say anything? I would have brought everything.

The old woman stroked her son’s shaved cheek with a cold wrinkled hand and whispered:

– My son, I got used to the heat and hunger. It’s not terrible. I’m afraid you won’t be able to get used to them if your kids take you here or to a place like this.

5 minutes later, the son hugged the lifeless body. Her mother died in her arms.

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