The kitty handles his present like a small child since it is so smitten by it


A litter of stray kittens was rescued and sent to a shelter. Mila, the smallest of the bunch, was quite frail. It was decided that she would visit my home to handle the problem, and Monica, an expert in newborn kittens with specific requirements, concurs.

The little cat was discovered to have a number of medical issues. Monica felt she had to intervene and offer support since the small kitten continued to fight for life despite the experts’ grim predictions.

Mila was grateful for the help and would roll over after each meal to settle her stomach. Mila had to isolate herself and devote a lot of energy to herself throughout her training.

When Monica saw how miserable Mila was, she surrounded her with cuddly toys, but Mila settled on one of them.

When she was three weeks old, I gave her a toy sheep, and she became completely hooked on it.

I used to fall asleep holding him in my arms, Monica claims. The cat counted herself lucky to have found such a lovely person who could help her get through anything.

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