Rescued as cubs, a lion, tiger and bear remained best buddies for over 15 years


The animal world is no stranger to unlikely friendships, but this one takes things to a whole new level of oddness. Introducing the BLT trio (no, not the famous sandwich)!

BLT stands for bear, lion, and tiger, and it’s an acronym used to describe the unlikeliest friendship the animal kingdom has ever offered. The beautiful relationship these three wild animals share, is warming hearts for over 15 years!

They all live in an animal sanctuary in Atlanta, Georgia, creatively-named Noah’s Ark. Here, they are well-taken care of and enjoy a free, great living.

But things weren’t always this way. The bear Baloo, tiger Shere Khan, and lion Leo come from a very tough past and were once kept as illegal animals.

Luckily, they were rescued when they were still cubs and taken to Noah’s Ark. Since they got here, they surprised everyone with their friendly nature, and they started showing signs of bonding as soon as they met.

“The BLT exhibited signs of being a bonded trio from the moment we saw them when they arrived at Noah’s Ark,” Allison Hedgecoth, curator at Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary, told the Huffington Post.

“They were already seeking out one another for comfort and displayed affection by snuggling, grooming and playing with one another.”

Though it is very common for young animals to share interspecies friendship, in this case, as the three grew up, their relationship only grew stronger and stronger. And despite how unbelievable it might seem, they share a brotherly bond that seems to defy all odds.

Sometimes, nature is just screaming to be turned into a Disney movie, don’t you think? Watch the adorable video below to find out more about their incredible friendship and see how beautifully they interact with one another!

Watch the footage below:

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