A hairdresser cuts a homeless man’s hair for free and he looks like a different man now

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Manner of speech, behaviour, upbringing and clothing can make a great impression and say a lot about a person.

We should always remember that a good haircut has also its importance. A famous hairdresser who is from France. His name is David Kodat. He is very good at scissors and clippers.

The hairdress is famous for his clients who are notorious personalities and football players. He gained much faith when he transformed the haircut of a homeless man.

He gave the man free haircut and posted the result in his Tik Tok account. He changed in front of everybody.

He said that he was also homeless once that is why he is always kind to homeless people. He himself has overcome many difficulties in his hazardous life.

He is even a member of charitable association and noticed this homeless man and decided to offer his service.

The transformation is really drastic and nice. The person has become a different person. The man has a fashionable haircut and unkepmt beard.

Appearance greatly affected him and his life will changed abruptly soon. This will a new begining for his life. The video has been viewed 21,800 times and has 3000 likes.

This has become a great tradition for the man and he does this good deed to many homeless people.

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