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Projective method, a psychodiagnostic method intended for the study of a person, which is largely characterized by a holistic approach to the assessment of a person, rather than the extraction of individual traits.

Projective, personality tests were originally designed to aid clinical psychologists in the diagnosis of personality and emotional disorders.

The principle of Sigmund Freud’s theory, according to which unconscious processes are important for the understanding of psychopathology, served as a basis for them.

Therefore, the purpose of projective assessment is to discover the person’s unconscious conflicts, his fears and sources of anxiety.

All involve vague or unstructured test signals. The researcher never informs the subject about the real objectives of the testing, not to mention the specifics of the interpretation of the answers.

The instructions emphasize that there can be no right or wrong answers here, and the examinee has the right to answer as he wishes.

The calculation and interpretation of his answers is based to a significant extent on the subjective judgment of the researcher, reflecting his clinical experience.

Thus, in projective methods, the masking of the meaning of the task is ensured. According to the relevant instruction, the test impulses are completed, developed and interpreted by the subject.

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