The teacher has lost his glasses in this visual puzzle. Can you spot it in 4 seconds or less?

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Only the most attentive can spot the teacher’s hidden glasses in the classroom within 4 seconds.

The image above shows a view of a classroom where you can see a teacher teaching a group of students.

The students can be seen sitting on their seats while the teacher stands in front of them.

Upon closer inspection, you will notice that the teacher looks somehow lost. The truth is that he has lost his glasses and is currently unable to see clearly.

Can you find his glasses for him? You have only 4 seconds to solve this visual puzzle.
The solution is right below.

However, refrain from cheating. Try to find the glasses by yourself first. When you have run out of your 4 seconds, scroll down to see whether you solved this ‘find the hidden object’ puzzle correctly or not.

You were asked to spot the hidden glasses in this visual test puzzle. Here is the solution:

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