There is exactly one difference between the two strawberry pictures. Can you spot it in just 3 seconds?

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The image above is of a tasty-looking strawberry. You have the sharpest eyes on earth if you can spot 1 difference between the strawberry pictures in 3 seconds.

The two images of the strawberry are almost identical and seem indistinguishable, but if you take a closer look at them, you will find one difference between them.

You have to bear the burden of finding the difference between the two pictures. Oh, and you only have 3 seconds to find it. All the best.

There are many ways to improve overall cognitive abilities, such as through exercise and solving puzzles.

Now, doing exercises may get boring at one point in time; on the other hand, solving puzzles will never get monotonous.

Remember, 3 seconds and no more. If you are unable to identify the difference, don’t worry because we are about to give you the solution to this spot the difference puzzle. Scroll down to see it.

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