Only those with razor sharp vision can spot the tiny mouse among the cats


Brainteasers are a great way to stretch the mind and test it. Each brainteaser is different, some set you a riddle whilst others are observational.

This isn’t to say brainteasers will stop someone from getting dementia, other factors can have a much greater impact, but they could help keep someone’s mind sharper for longer.

The average time to find the sneaky mouse is six seconds — so it would be great to see if anyone can beat that. Can you solve this cat-based brainteaser in under six seconds?

According to the people behind the brainteaser, the theme this year was play and owners were being encouraged to spend five minutes a day playing with their cats.

Can you spot the mouse above in under six seconds?Did you find the mouse?

No worries if not, they are in the top right-hand corner hiding behind a bright orange cat.

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