Only 1 percent of people found The Odd Korean Guy in the Image?

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The odd-one-out puzzle is famous as Knock Out among Americans. It tests a person’s ability for general intelligence and observation.

And in order to come to a conclusion, one must be creative, logical, and have a distinct point of view.

The image shows a total of 40 images divided into 8 columns and 5 rows.

And your task is to find the odd one among them. Go through each row and column to not miss any clues.

Look for the brain teaser answer here:The colour of the cheeks is lighter in comparison to others.

This mental exercise image shows a group of Korean guys. Take this challenge to test your skills and abilities in 13 seconds. Hurry Up.

Korean dramas are quite popular today. The image below is inspired by one such character. And your task is to find the odd image of the girl using your exceptional skills and abilities.

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