Can You Spot The 7 Rainbow Colours In This Optical Illusion?

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*As the name sugg-ests optical illusions are illusions that may be in the form of pic-tures, videos, or any other visual repr-esentation.*

*Optical illusions trick you into obse-rving one as-pect of the pi-cture and lose sight of so-mething in plain sight.

*Thus, the task is to spot what is hid-den in the picture.

*These illusions are subj-ect to var-ious inter-pretations, perc-eptions, and even mis-interpretations.

*The cha-llenge in these illusions is to look be-yond the surface and find what is hi-dden.

*We have an intere-sting optical illusion cha-llenge that will test your pat-ience.

*A recent trend among net-izens is an inc-reased int-erest in riddles, pi-cture puzzles, and optical illusions. Th-ese optical illusions positively affect our minds as they improve our concent-ration and analytical skills.

*Sol-ving optical illusions is fun and ex-citing, and ad-ults and chi-ldren can try their hand at them. We have one for you if you want to ch-allenge you-rself with an optical illusion.

*You need to find the hi-dden 7 Ra-inbow Co-lours in this optical illusion.

*You only have a few se-conds to find the hi-dden 7 Rainbow Colours. Optical illusions require all your attention, and for those born with excellent vision, finding the hidden 7 Rainbow Colours might be a piece of cake. Are you se-arching for an exc-ellent optical illusion that will test your mind and ey-esight?

*Well! If you are, here is an optical illusion with the hidden 7 Rai-nbow Colours som-ewhere in this picture.

*You will only be given a few se-conds to spot the hidden 7 Rainbow Colours. Find out how good your eyes are with this optical illusion. The hidden 7 Rainbow Colours has been pla-ced in such a manner that you will not be able to find it easily.

*Diff-erent people will ap-proach this optical illusion in di-fferent m-anners and the ease with which you spot the hidden 7 Rainbow Colours will reveal your IQ.

*Gen-erally, pe-ople with high IQs can spot the hid-den 7 Rainbow Colours easily. Those who are still looki-ng for the answer, you still have a few more sec-onds to spot the animal.

*If you did not locate the hi-dden 7 Rainbow Colours, do not worry.

*We have the answer in the picture below.

*The hig-hlighted area in the above image will cla-rify where the hi-dden 7 Rainbow Colours is.

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