You have 100/100 vision if you can spot the odd number out in this tricky brain teaser… you have just 20 seconds

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You could have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the number 879 in this tricky brainteaser.

The odd-one-out puzzle test is an essential component of logical thinking. It will assess your ability in general observation and mental comprehension.

You really need to think beyond the box in addition to possessing good imagination, logical thinking, and a distinct perspective. One really needs to have a clear and solid reason for choosing one odd out of all.

Take this challenge and test your cognitive abilities and observational skills in no time. Hurry Up.

Many others have also tried and some have been left stumped by it as one person wrote: “I have not understood since yesterday”.While others guessed it in the wrong place.

But some clever people spotted it almost instantly and took to the comments to share the answer.

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