Tricky optical illusion challenges you to find the hidden number – only 40% can see it, so will you get it right?

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There Is A Number Hidden In The Picture-You Just Have 10 Seconds To Spot It.

The illusion asks users to find the number hidden in the image. You have 10 seconds to get it right.

Now people are perplexed by a new optical illusion. In the image below, you have 10 seconds to find the hidden number. Will you be able to do it? Let us check again.

The puzzle was tested out on a sample group, and only 40 per cent were able to spot the number, so will you be one of them?

Why not try this with your friends and see who comes out as the winner.If you still need some help there are a few hints that could give you a clue.Scroll down to reveal the hidden number if you still need guidance.

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