Only 1% of people can spot the odd letter in this tricky brain teaser in 11 seconds

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At first glance, this colourful image appears to feature only the letter ‘Y’, but that is not the case.

Hidden among all the brightly coloured letter ‘Y’s, there is one sneaky little ‘X’ – and apparently only those with a high IQ are able to quickly locate the rogue letter.

How was the question in the above passage phrased? It might have been hard for some of them.

But if you discover the trick in the above question, your eyes will not see the difficulty.

Once, try the solution again for the above question if you have yet to find out. Oh! It’s Ok.. If you cannot find the answer after a lot of effort, don’t worry. Calm down; the answer is given at the end of this passage.

You can now learn the essence of this answer. You are smart enough and intelligent enough to have found the answer.

Then, cross-check your answer once with our solution given in this passage. If you have found the correct answer, you can clap once.

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