Just for genuises. Only 1 percent of people found the number 8694 from 8994 in 14 seconds

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Try your luck and find the hiddden number “8694” among these “8994”? Not many people can see it in a quickly way, while some take more time.

This smart test is like a chance to check your brain – it gives you a chance to check your observational skills and solve some problems.

Many optical illusions involving images and numbers and they are designed to make better your IQ level and improve visual problem-solving and observational skills.

Now, it only takes 18 seconds to solve this brain teaser challenge. Look carefully at the image above and find “Number 8694”. Your time starts is running very quickly.

If you are still struggling qnd did not find the answer don’t worry here is the answer. 1, 2, 3, 4 and time is out. Here is the correct answer.

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