Optical Illusion Brain Challenge: If you have 50/50 Vision Find the Word Kiss among Hiss in 13 Secs

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Let’s try your luck and see how quickly you can see the hidden word kiss. How many of you can find the hidden “Word Kiss” in 17 seconds? Well, don’t get disappointed, we’ll give you a few keys.


Brain teasers more accurately involve deception of the eyes. A very large effects can be seen due to the arrangement of the image, the influence of color, light source or other variables.

But before giving some clues, let’s give all the sharp eyed people a try. Now look at the image very attentively given below. Do you have any variants? Come on, you tried this.

Yes, that’s correct, that’s where the hidden “word kiss” is hidden. Now are you ready to look at the answer.

Let’s try and check whether you are right. The circled area is where the hidden “Word Kiss” is.

I hope you find brain teasers interesting, try more such interesting and fun optical illusions in our page. Share this brain teaser with your family members and friends.

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