In this festive Christmas tree picture, your task is to identify Three subtle differences within a nearly 13 seconds

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Here is festive Christmas tree image, you have to find three little differences in a nearly 7 seconds, testing your eagle eyes.

Br careful and be attentive to every detail, from the subtle ornaments to the colorful lights, and observe the image carfully to pinpoint differences that make one section different from another.

Skillful observers will take part in this challenge, as they are already ready for the holiday-themed mood.

It’s a pleasant way to be involved in a quick and exciting exercise, improving your ability to see even the most little distinction during the holiday cheer.

If you are ready set, observe the image. Can you see all three variations within the limited time and enhance the Christmas spirit with a sharp eye?

Here are the three differences.  First, The red bauble has been switched with a green bauble. Secondly, look attentively  to the top of the tree, where a golden star has been placed with a smaller  star than in general.

The third, examine the tinsel near  the tree – a segment has been shortened, creating a  little difference.

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