First thing you notice in optical illusion shows if you feel happy or not

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First thing you spot in optical illusion reveals if you’re happy or not. Do you see an apple or two faces glancing.

Some people see an image of an apple core on first glance, while other people see the outline of two faces looking at each other. But what does each image mean?

Optical illusion helps you to increase brain power, imagination, smart ways of thinking and so on. An average human brain’s perspective differs from person to person,creating a different perception.

If you saw the apple first, this is said to mean that you are happy and content with what you see in life.

If you spotted two faces looking at each other first, it is said that you prioritise relationships in life, but you may be going through a period of uncertainty at the moment.

This isn’t the only optical illusion circulating on the internet that has got people thinking.

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