How many Santas are hidden in the image?

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Give yourself a pat on the back if you have found Santas in the image. If you failed, don’t get disappointed and keep looking for the Santas.

Santas are there somewhere, we promise you will see them if you try hard. You just have to remember to check at the end of this brain teaser to see if your observational skills have solved the optical illusion.

Do not stop the festive spirit and be happy. Don’t let the festive elements distract you.

Concentrate on the optical illusion and remember, you only have 17 seconds. So, are you ready to solve the optical illusion?

Have you tried to spot our happy old optical illsuion about 101 hiding among the beautifully decorated red coloured image filled with the word Ho Hos , snug armchair, and twinkling Christmas tree?

We congratulate you everyone if you managed to find all the Santas in less than 17 seconds. Your observational and thinking skills are super.

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