Only the top 2% of attentive people can find the hidden P in 9 Seconds

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In this Optical illusion Test, your task is to find a concealed letter ‘P’ among the letter ‘B’s. Your chellenge is find in a nearly 10 seconds.

This visual test aims to appreciate your thinking skills and ability to spot the elusive number quickly.

Only 5% of people succeed in seeing the hidden ‘P’ in the given limited time.

As you become a participant in this test, concentrate on each element of the pattern and exercise your eagle eyesight to find the hidden mystery number.

Will you be among the select people who can solve this observational test. Just try and see if you have where the digit is.

The main aim is to enjoy the process of checking your observational skill and assesing your observational abilities. Keep practicing, and you’ll notice your thinking skills becoming better over the limited time.

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